Premium Services 

RemedyPro's cutting edge processing techniques creates value for our partners and clientele alike. Driven by our IP and R&D - Remedy regularly assists cultivators, extractors, agencies, brands & manufacturers along the supply chain. We  provides tailor-made solutions for the burgeoning  cannabis industry's CPG's.


THC Remediation

We can process your material to compliant ( 0.3% THC) or Non-Detectable levels. Our process ensures that your material maintains its natural cannabinoid profile.


Cannabinoid Isolations

We can surgically isolate specific cannabinoids so that you can sell them in their pure form or create custom formulations. Currently our team can isolate CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN at scale. 


Custom Formulations

Whether you are making a lotion, a tincture, or concentrate, we can help you specify the amount of each cannabinoid in your mix. You choose the mix or we can give you our recommendations. 


Pesticide Remediation

We remove  pesticides and fungicides from your contaminated extract through our  affiliate labs. 



Through our affiliate network we offer total processing packages to guide your material from the farm to the formulation lab.


R&D Consultation

Our team of PhD's and engineers optimize and improve our production every day. We partner with companies to implement more advanced methods of manufacturing cannabinoids. 

* Services offered through our partners