Pre & Post Workout Canna Complex™

In the world of post covid product development, it is estimated that pre and post workout products will grow at a rate of 9.9% from 2020-2026. In response, we’ve developed a complex that up regulates tissue energy and metabolism while also decreasing inflammation and inflammatory response due to exercise stress. This unique combination not only helps during workouts but also aids in recover speed.


A tru broad spectrum oil with 70% CBD + PPW Canna Complex™ with minor cannabinoids making up the balance for the entourage effect.

This complex targets:

  • Blemishes caused by make up and bacteria

  • Inflammation caused by occlusive make up formulas

  • Unbalanced sebum production by balancing lipid production by sebaceous glands

  • The skins microbiome ensuring it’s perfectly balanced

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun spots

  • Uneven skin tones due to environmental pollutants and urban lifestyles

Let's talk about you.

We have product development guidelines available as well as a team dedicated to help brands build amazing products using our complexes.