Perfect Hair Canna Complex™

The only cannabinoid complex targeting hair care products specifically, this cannabinoid blend is designed to balance the scalps delicate microbiome. A powerful addition to scalp treatment products which can be suggested for use before or after shampooing. For long term results, it can be used as a leave in treatment or as an overnight scalp treatment product. Very effective for African American or coily and/or frizzy hair products.


In shampoo’s and conditioners, the complex can be added to repair and replenish dry and damaged hair and is recommended for ALL hair types.


True broad spectrum oil with 70% CBD + PH Canna Complex™ with additional minor cannabinoids making up the balance for the entourage effect.

This complex targets:

  • Dry and damaged hair

  • Unbalanced scalp - dandruff

  • Excessive oil production (scalp)

  • Balances scalp microbiome

  • Both oily and dry hair types - the power is in the balancing

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