Make-Up & Balancing Canna Complex™

Cannabinoids are yet to truly make an impact in the make-up and color cosmetics space, but no other active ingredient can be more beneficial in such a formula. Make up is often used to cover or hide an underlying inflammatory, bacterial or acne condition that is very often exacerbated by their use. Products with this complex will not only provide immediate relief to the underlying symptoms, but also treat the underlying condition and leave skin healthier than before make up was applied.


It is estimated that 56% of women suffer from uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. This powerfully enhanced cannabinoid complex will target hyperpigmentation and balance skin tone without hiding it behind color or make up. It can also be used in colorless treatment formulas and over the counter drugs (OTC) that treat these conditions.


A true broad spectrum oil with 80% CBD + MUBA Canna Complex™ with minor cannabinoids making up the balance for the entourage effect.

This complex targets:

  • Blemishes caused by make up and bacteria

  • Inflammation caused by occlusive make up formulas

  • Unbalanced sebum production by balancing lipid production by sebaceous glands

  • The skins microbiome ensuring it’s perfectly balanced

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun spots

  • Uneven skin tones due to environmental pollutants and urban lifestyles

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