Create Your Line of CBT Oil and Cannabinoid Wellness Products

At Remedy Processors, we offer a full array of services to help you create the highest quality cannabinoid products available. We use cutting edge processing techniques to extract CBD, CBT oil, and a variety of other compounds from the hemp plant. If you are looking to create a line of cannabinoid wellness products and need the support of a professional laboratory that can get the job done, come see us at Remedy Processors.


Services we offer include:

  • THC Remediation

  • Cannabinoid Isolations

  • Custom Formulations

  • Pesticide Remediation

  • Extraction

  • R&D Consultation


We handle the complex chemical processes to create the ingredients you need to make high-quality CBD products. In addition to major cannabinoids like CBD, we can handle the extraction of lesser-known compounds like CBN, CBG, and CBT. If you want to experiment with CDN isolate or CBT oil, we are happy to provide you with the raw ingredients you need. We want to do our part to help this exciting new industry blossom and provide passionate entrepreneurs with everything they need to create life-changing cannabinoid wellness products. Cannabinoids have been effective at treating a variety of ailments, yet there is still so much research to be done on the topic, especially when it comes to more minor compounds like CBN or CBT. These chemicals are found in much smaller amounts than their active counterparts and as a result, they are often ignored by researchers. However, they have all proven to have medical benefits similar to CBD and THC and could be an active ingredient in the next big wonder drug. At Remedy Processors, we have everything you need to experiment with these lesser-known compounds and develop products that will revolutionize the industry. Come see us if you sell cannabinoid wellness products or want to get in on this lucrative industry, and you need a professional lab to produce the ingredients.