Enter The "Minor's" Dimension

While over 100 cannabinoids exist,  only 19 can be classified today by  the leading analytical labs .  As such, our cutting-edge technology is focused on all that is rare and novel. Every day brings new discovery inside Remedypros R&D branch.


A base of "broad-spectrum" CBD oil is amplified with an infusion of rare cannabinoids extracted  from thousands of hemp plants, only to produce milliliters of the rare cannabinoids needed for a truly targeted approach to health and beauty.

Remedypros  Canna Complex  foundation can supercharge many formulated  products. In collaboration with leaders in health and beauty, our custom formulated bases are designed to bring maximum effect to a diverse array of  products aimed at self-care and lifestyle.


Anti Aging Canna Complex™ 


  • Dry skin

  • "Inflammaging" 

  • Age related dehydration

  • Balance


Perfect Hair Canna Complex™


  • Dry and damaged hair

  • Unbalanced scalp - dandruff

  • Excessive oil production (scalp)

  • For both oily and dry hair types


Anti Inflammatory Canna Complex™


  • Supports a balanced skin biome

  • Enhances the efficacy of Vitamin C and Vitamin E

  • Helps cells defend themselves against UV

  • Balances uneven skin tone and reduces sun spots


Make Up & Balance Canna Complex™


  • Blemishes caused by make up and bacteria

  • Unbalanced sebum production

  • Sun spots

  • Hyperpigmentation


Recovery & Pain Canna Complex™


  • Inflammatory pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis

  • Fibromyalgia - inflammatory nerve pain

  • Diabetic nerve pain

  • trained muscles


Balance & Burn Canna Complex™


  • Increases fat burning and promotes reduction of cellulite

  • Minimizes pain for longer workouts

  • Promotes recovery after workout

  • Increases blood flow for better performing muscles