Remedy Pros

Industry leaders in cannabinoid formulations, isolation, purification, and remediation. 

Lab Worker

 With innovative technology and manufacturing expertise, Remedy produces targeted cannabinoids designed to super-charge the diversity of consumer packaged goods. 


   Our products and services add value to many across the industry landscape: from small to large-scale businesses,  from the curious connoisseur to the startup and the consolidated brands. 


 While many vaunt the life-changing effects of cannabis, the science indicates that all cannabinoids are effective for improving quality of life.


Premium Services

Led by science, we help companies across the supply chain create value. 

Cannabinoid Isolation

R&D Consulting

Custom Formulation

Pesticide Remediation 

THC Remediation


Targeted Products

All our products are made from USDA organic grown hemp. 


Targeted blends designed for specific beauty, skin, and wellness products.

Finished Products

Our tailored formulas are crafted to be best sellers. Private & White Label.

Bulk Ingredients

Find every hemp-derived raw material at great prices. Ask us for samples.