Raising the scientific standards of the hemp industry one drop at a time. 

Remediation, Separation, Isolation, and Custom Formulation.

Quality in every drop.

At Remedy, we are focused on building value for all our customers. Our belief is that every cannabinoid can help improve people's lives. By upholding regulatory standards and achieving manufacturing excellence we refine raw material for the consumer market at the wholesale level. Our extensive R&D allows us to tailor our services to any company in the supply chain regardless of their size or needs. 

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Leading with science, we help companies across the supply chain create value. 


THC Remediation

Pesticide Remediation*

Cannabinoid Isolation


*Services offered via our partners

Custom Formulation*

R&D Consulting

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Remedy Processors 

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Remedy has been raising the standards of scientific innovation and manufacturing excellence for the hemp industry since 2018. Our R&D focus on individual cannabinoid separation allows companies to realize their full potential. Our IP makes us an effective value creating partner for brands, as we discover the life-enhancing benefits of pure compounds and custom cannabinoid formulation.

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